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urchin bags

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Hello! Is't me, clare.
                        aka  the bag lady

I was born and raised on Vancouver Island and after years of travel and working in Europe, I returned to the West Coast of Canada. I love the beauty around me, including biking through the forests or walking down alleys with street art. In addition to creating Urchin products, I enjoy photographery, gardening, and playing with my cats. I find great freedom in bike touring after my first trip cycling across Canada during the summer of 2010 with my sister. Since then I have cycled around Iceland, Alaska, Norway, Argentia and local trips around the Island. My latest odsession is Pickleball!
How it started...
I had a plan to make a something from an expired banner and after a few broken needles, I had made myself a bag! A few complements from family and friends later and I was stitching them all bags too.
I created Urchin Bags in 2007, a few weeks after I had bought my first sewing machine and it has evolved over the years.
My favourite materials I like to work with are punctured bike tubes, used seatbelts, scrap upholstry vinyl and none deployed airbags.

Hard at work!
Collecting seatbelts at the autowreckers